So, I’ve had zero time to write these blogs up but I keep reminding myself that busy is what I want to be!

It’s been an exciting time but I’ve made significant and major progress on reducing Urban Cuckoo’s environmental footprint. I’m now using 100% recycled packaging – woot! The only new item I will need to buy on a regular basis is parcel tape. Stage 1 Complete.

Stage 2.

Parcel Tape! I could not keep wrapping every order in plastic. It was upsetting me greatly wrapping each one. So, I investigated paper tape and it is A LOT more expensive than plastic tape. However, as I’m not buying new bubble wrap, boxes or padded envelopes, I can take the cost on the chin. Stage 2 Complete.

Stage 3.

Arrange re-use of larger stock boxes, rather than recycling them. Give the boxes another use. I’ve set up a system to advertise these larger boxes locally to people moving house, or spring cleaning etc. Stage 3 Complete.

I will keep on innovating to try to minimise the footprint for myself personally but also for Urban Cuckoo. My next big project is to sell my car. I cannot continue in good conscience continue to use so much energy and pollute the planet. As volumes grow for the business, I will need to think hard about how I will continue to transport the parcels to the post office. My latest hair-brained scheme is to get an cargo e-bike! Will I be brave enough?

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