So, in a bid to Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle further – inspired by our very determined 5 Year Old; I’ve had an idea. It will definitely help Urban Cuckoo but will also help the planet (a tiny amount). I want to do my best to reduce my own environmental footprint, but also that of Urban Cuckoo.

I’ve already got into the swing of re-using all of the suitable packaging I receive into the office/stock room. I get loads of airfill packaging with my stock orders. The smaller outer boxes that stock arrives in are often perfect for Urban Cuckoo sized parcels. I’ve kept and re-used all of my own household’s bubble wrap, polystyrene packaging, jiffy bags and small boxes. Anything we can’t use we recycle.¬† I’ve extended the re-use offer to my closest friends. Now, when people come over, they bring bubble wrap, jiffy bags and small boxes.

I then hit on the idea of offering our local primary school a pick up of any suitable packaging. It fits in with the eco-Schools projects and helps them achieve some of their goals. My son is halfway through primary 1, and it’s been a real surprise how much the school; its demands and it’s rhythms affects our lives so much. I’m sure every one out there is going ‘well, duh’ but I’m enjoying being part of the community.

Anyway, I digress. I’m collecting a carload of packaging, destined for recycling, from the school. Then giving it another life as Re-Use before it hits Re-Cycle process.

And, of course, win-win, as I get some free packaging to reduce the costs to Urban Cuckoo.

The next instalment of the Packaging Re-Use Project will detail my plans to contact local businesses. I’m hoping their might be interest in a collection of reusable waste to reduce their costs to dispose.

Of course, all packaging has to be fit for purpose. Of course, with our unique wrapping service, the object inside will be wonderful. And all packaging re-use needs to fully protect all parties’ data.

I’ll keep you posted!

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