Petit Collage How to Draw Animals of the World


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This Petit Collage How to Draw Animals of the World Set comes in a zipped keepsake tin case. Ready for on-the-go fun. Use the step by step guide, drawing pad, four double-sided coloured pencils and HB pencil to draw 36 animals.

A great product from Petit Collage for ‘on the go’, but great also for use at home. This is a drawing kit in a metal case with zipper. On the left a booklet with step by step explanation how to draw an animal. On the right a drawing block. In addition, there is a pencil box with pencils in the metal case. The pencil box and the drawing block are magnetic so that you do not lose the parts. The set includes 1 booklet with step-by-step instructions for drawing 36 animals. Also includes 1 drawing block, 4 double-sided pencil and 1 standard pencil with eraser.

Ages 5+

21.5 x 18 x 3 cm ( lxwxh)