Ulster Weavers Bee Keeper Micro Mitt Pair

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Ulster Weavers Bee Keeper Micro Mitt Pair has an intricate and colourful design. Vibrant with pops of fuchsia, teal and sunshine yellow on a natural oat background.

Our mini micro mitts are the perfect practical edition to every kitchen. If you’ve ever tried to lift a hot dish out of the microwave, this product is for you. Protected with neoprene padding, our mini micro mitts slip over each hand offering protection up to 100¬įC. Thus ensuring you can lift hot dishes with ease while keeping your fingers singe free. Our micro mitts are available in a selection of classic and modern Ulster Weavers’ designs. All created by Ulster Weavers’ expert team in Northern Ireland.

Ulster Weavers Bee Keeper Micro Mitt Pair
  • Not designed as oven wear. Will protect the user against temperatures up to 100C/212F for a maximum of 15 seconds. The intended use is to protect fingers against hot dishes. The neoprene palm protects against steam and hot water.
  • Material: 100% Cotton Outer with Neoprene Sleeve
  • Machine wash at 40¬į(synthetic cycle); do not bleach; do not tumble dry; 2 dot iron; do not dry clean.