The Scottish Parliament has passed legislation that will require all retailers (food and non-food) to charge a minimum of 5p for each new single-use carrier bag (including paper, those made from some plant based materials and plastic), from 20th October 2014. ¬†Personally I think it’s a good thing as I can’t bear to see the wastage of polythene bags and the thought of their impact on the environment. ¬†I got in to the habit a long time ago of having my reusable jute shopping bags in the boot of my car and always use these for our weekly trip to the supermarket and I always carry a canvas shopper with me at other times. ¬†They are handy to stash your umbrella and through the day as you make small purchases, you can decline a carrier bag and pop them in your shopper – guilt free! ¬†We have a large selection of contemporary shopper bags (canvas, cotton and oil skin) in some really fun and quirky designs. ¬†Check them out in our: Bags – Shopper Bags section.

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